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Living the Dandelion Life

When we live the dandelion life, we're living a life invested in others - when our efforts are blown to the corners of the world, our neighborhoods and our homes to bring hope and healing.

Our hope is that through this film, more and more discussions about orphan care, adoption, foster care and strengthening the family will surface in churches around the world. And, that ultimately, children will find permanent, loving homes, that suffering will be alleviated and the world will know that God is good and that we are His people.
James 1:27

"Like Dandelion Dust really resonated with me -- and I'm so proud that it came out of the faith community. A film like this engages the audience and calls the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and hurting world. It shows, rather than tells us what sacrificial love looks like."
   - Michael W. Smith

Themes: Comfort in the face of trouble, Control, God's love, Overcoming fear

Themes: Weakness, Parent's Love, Desperation, Anger

Themes: Parenthood, Parent's Love, Humility, Vulnerability

Themes: God's will, Protection, Legalism

This could be one of the most significant outreach events your church does this year. Through the powerful story of redemption and sacrificial love, equip your congregation to invite friends to see this movie and discuss the emotional themes that surface.